Key features

ARTOLINK FSO equipment has an essential changes from similar other producers equipment:

  • It is produced on one of the most largest and successful enterprise to aerospace branch to Russia.

  • The Artolink FSO system quality is checked on military-industrial standards.

ARTOLINK FSO equipment key features

  • The Space stabilization (autotracking) system (is protected by Patent) - automatically directs transmit-receive modules each to other. It provides greatly exact aiming (0,08 mrad) regardless of mobilities full tilts on which FSO equipment is installed . Given decision vastly raises the budget atmospheric optical communication link particularly on distance more 500m and enlarges wireles optical channel reliability, simultaneously lowerring requirements to stabilities full tilts and service efforts.

  • Build-in reserve channel output with management - "technology of the double channel" (TDC) - automatically operated transition on reserve channel and back on optical channel with possibility of the automatic switching of the feeding. Installation, for instance, as reserve radio link Wi-Fi will allow on distance 4 km to provide reliability such hybrid FSO-RF systems 99,99%, herewith radioequipment will work not more than 3% per annum.

  • The Narrow beams with small divergence (0,55 mrad) - high security of the wireless optical channel from unauthorized access and secretiveness of communication link as a whole. The Possibility of the work on long distances (up to 7 km, but only with spatial stabilization system usage).

  • Protection from solar radiation - an absence of the solar influence on Artolink FSO systems work to account of the powerful optical selection in receiving channel and small angular field of vision of the optical receiver (3 mrad).

  • The Automatic transmitters power regulation - greatly enlarges the Artolink FSO systems lifetime (before 120000 hours). On distance before 1 km also promotes increase reliability of the wireless optical channel.

  • Multiaperture system - a reliable three-times transmit optical channel reserving (3 transmitters) and spatial divided receiving apertures (2 receiving lenses). Due to this optical system Artolink FSO equipment stable works as inwardly premiseses (through window glasses), so and in condition of the strong atmosphere turbulence. On greater distance expelled beam scintillations effects, on small distances - "dead zone" is absent.

  • The Built-in system of the aiming and targetting - for FSO Artolink adjusting and further usage is not required any spaecial equipment.

  • Effective monitoring through IP network - a determination of the wireless optical channel condition from any point of the Internet. The Remote control of the laser links condition and its main parameters (autotracking working, presence signal on all connections, FSO channel budget, the temperature inwardly modules and etc). All it minimize the expenseses on FSO systems Artolink usage.

  • The Built-in service channel - allows iterterminal service information changing (out of main channel band). User can monitor both terminals parameters from any side of the Artolink FSO.

  • The Aerodynamic defensive cover with special screens system (is protected by Patent) - in summer protects the optical block from overheat (particularly for hot regions), but in winter prevents snow to cover the optical elements. What has shown the FSO systems Artolink practice, given decision also prevents and contamination lens by dust, smog, etc.

  • Monoblock construction - a receiver and transmitter in Artolink FSO systems are united in one block that simplifies and accelerates the atmospheric optical communication link installing and solves the problems with targetting and aiming accuracy.

  • Termostabilized optical block (is protected by Patent) - provides reliable work and high stability parameter of the Artolink wireless optical channel in severe weather condition ( from -40 up to +50 Celsium degrees temperatures).

  • High installation simplicity and speed (from 20 minutes) - in phase of designing else, Artolink FSO equipment was oriented on independent optical channel construction, installation and adjustment by customer, in connection with than includes all necessary systems and built-in facilities of the checking and management (visual aiming, testing the channel, including function of the monitoring the direction optical communication link, test loopbacks and signalizing). All this allows to simplify and accelerate the process of Artolink wireless optical channel establishing and avoid the additional expenseses on facilities specialized organization, which can reach 40% of FSO equipment cost.

  • The Built-in universal power supply - 220V AC / 48V DC. Low (before 20 W) comsumed power.

  • The Varied facilities of the monitoring the condition and management equipment - specialized software allows to realize monitoring and management as local, so and remote terminal of laser link. Monitoring is realized as on standard for telecommunication equipment port RS232, so and on IP-networks (with possibility of indication of installed FSO links on geographic map of terrain), including http-monitoring (with any Internet-browser) and dispatch emergency SNMP messages (traps). Record journal monitoring for detailed analysis of the condition of the Artolink wireless optical system by supplier specialists. The Friendly interface of all programs.